I was thinking of last Sunday's sermon about going deeper in prayer and it brought to mind something that is a pet peeve of mine. It actually is the use of a four-letter word. You may be wondering what a four letter word has to do with prayer and that’s exactly my point. It’s the word “just”.  I don’t have a problem with the word in general but I do when it’s used in prayer. For example, “Lord, we just ask that you help so and so with their job search”, or “Father, we just come before you today to thank you.” 

Why “just”?  It almost sounds apologetic to me. Do we add that word because we think if we do then our request seems less bothersome? Are we trying to make it somehow “a little thing” so God will be more apt to hear and answer us? ( it reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would beg my mom to let me stay up later and I would say, “just 5 more minutes”? ) Is the prayer we’re praying not worth the Lord’s attention? ( of course it is) The Lord loves it when we call on Him, talk with Him, bring our cares and concerns to Him, acknowledge Him in all things.

I want to encourage you to pray bold, faith-filled prayers as Hebrews 4:16 instructs us to do and can we please leave out that 4 letter word ?


Spaghetti Dinner to benefit Texas

Mission Team preparing to Help Rebuild 

Please mark your calendar and plan on attending the Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser on Sat. November 18th from 5-7pm at St Matts. All proceeds will be used to purchase materials needed when the mission team returns to Texas to help with a rebuilding project.  The cost for the dinner is by donation. In addition to coming to the dinner, you can help by providing a home baked pie for dessert. If you want to help in this way please contact Sue Reynolds at: suzannereynolds08@comcast.net

Last Sunday, the choir and I were worshipping at our Amesbury campus. I look forward to being back in Sandown with you for worship this week. I hope you will join us as we continue in our current series -Deeper. 

We will continue to have prayer at 8am!   

 God Bless, Pastor Beth