I have found that the most impactful worship songs and anthems have resulted from a song writer’s personal experience and spiritual journey. This is especially true about the anthem that our choir will be singing on the 19th and 27th written by Patrick Henderson.

The lyrics are: I will give thanks, unto the Lord, for He has done, yes He has done marvelous things. He lifted me up, He rescued me. He is my strength, He is my peace. I will give thanks unto the Lord.  

From the words, one could think that the song writer had a blessed life, right?  Well, it was blessed but not in the way you may think. Here is his testimony.

Patrick Henderson was a song writer and producer. He was a music director, choir director and pianist. Patrick’s life changed forever one night, while at home when someone broke in and he was attacked. The assailant used a machete on Patrick’s face and then severed his hand. He was left to die but he didn’t. He did spend 3 months in a coma, months in the hospital with multiple surgeries and ended up very mad at God.

“What now God?” “Why did you allow this to happen?” “why my hand? my life and my career is over.” In that very dark and desperate time, God spoke to him and he wrote the words to the song, I Will Give Thanks. The second verse goes like this:” He looked down that day when I thought my hope was gone, he said, oh no my child, you’ve only just begun. I will give thanks unto the Lord”. 

I attended a workshop a few summers ago that Patrick led. At that point he was back to writing and producing, directing his choir and he played the piano with his re-attached hand! 

I wanted to share this story with you as a way to encourage you. What may seem like an impossible circumstance is God’s chance to do the miraculous.  When you think your hope is gone, I hope you hear Him say, “oh no my child, you’ve only just begun”.  So give thanks unto the Lord !



    Community Thanksgiving                     Dinner    

On Thanksgiving day Nov 23rd from 11:30 AM - 1PM we will be doing a brand new outreach, providing a full Thanksgiving dinner for anyone who would like to join us.  Who might attend a free Thanksgiving dinner?  Those who have no family near by.  Those who can’t afford to prepare or do not have the means to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner.  The elderly.  Or people who just want to share this time with friends and neighbors.  

We could use help with donations of food and also preparing of the food.  We are also providing transportation where needed, so we will need drivers.    Sign up to cook a turkey, bring a pie, help to serve, drive etc…(Click here to volunteer). We need 25-30 people


I hope you will join us this Saturday to enjoy a delicious meal while supporting the mission team’s next trip to Texas. Dinner will be served from 5 to 7 at St Matts.  (Donations of pies for dessert are still needed. Contact Sue at  suzannereynolds08@comcast.net if you want to help in this way)