Out of sight , out of mind. I think that I believe this about certain things, but not always and certainly not about people.  Sometimes, if there’s a new idea or initiative that I’d like to do more about and if I don’t put a reminder in front of me, I will most probably forget about it. I am curious to know if this happens to anyone else as well.  And to be more specific, I am wondering if anyone has remembered the short sermon series that was taught right before Biblical Life Hacks…. anyone remember?  Ok, let me help, “For Our Community”.(Ahhh, now you remember right?!)  Pastor Steve challenged us, as a church, to work together to bless and give to our communities.  That might include volunteering at any number of outreach events where we give away freeze pops, water etc, or by helping out at the FREE Family movie night or Summer Day Camp or by you personally doing something to bless someone else. Maybe buying someone’s coffee in the car behind you at DDfor example. So, I’d love to hear about any way in which you’ve done something for our community and if there’s an “oops, I forgot”,  it’s not too late.  Check out the newsletter for more volunteer opportunities coming up and if you should need a reminder like I do, wear a bracelet or put it where you can see it often or put out a sign and make someone’s day!




NextGen Vision Casting-Informational Meeting Sunday the 23rd 

Immediately following worship

Please join us, even you don’t have children; you can still help to make a difference.



Our Next FREE Family Movie Night is July 28th at 7:00pm in Sandown

Come see Smurfs- The Lost Village and bring a friend

Free pop-corn and snacks. Games and Give Aways

Prize given to the Youth who brings the most friends!


Soulfest is quickly approaching- Aug 1st -5th. If you have questions and would like more information about the event, please contact Sheri Williams.


Coming in August~ Hero Central~ SummerDay Camp Aug14-18 at Rock Church Plaistow

Summer Inspirational Program for Children Grades K – 8 

Great arts and crafts program~ Sporting events ~Group projects
Activities and Discovery ~Movies~ Recreation ~ Special surprises & more...

For more info- contact Pastor Jon at Jon@rock-church.org


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