Some pics from the weekend.....Old Home Day, First day of NextGen,  Beach BBQ and Baptism service and foot washing

Do you ever wonder “why”? I’m not talking in a spiritual sense, like asking God why certain things happen, but more along the lines of, “why do we do what we do”? I wondered that at 5:30 am Sat morning as I jumped out of bed, 45 minutes behind schedule because my alarm was set to PM not AM….(don’t judge) “Why am I getting up this early on a Saturday”?  “Why are we dragging all this stuff out to sit in a field for 5 hours and give away waters and freeze pops”? “Why do we go to such lengths to be a presence in our community”? 

Well, come Sunday, that question was answered. We had 4 new kids attend NextGen after coming to a Free Movie Night or stopping by our booth at Sandown Old Home Day and we had 2 new families come to worship Sunday after eating at the pancake breakfast. One of our visitors on Sunday told me that she was touched by the fact that our church was not looking to get something from the community but impressed with how we were trying to bless our community. So, if like me, you have ever wondered if what we do matters, I want to encourage you with a resounding YES!! 

A big THANK YOU to all who helped at Old Home Day and the Pancake Breakfast!

We have started our new Fall series entitled, Real Hope. It’s going to be excellent and I know you will want to join us Sunday to hear this encouraging word.  (Invite a friend so that they too may be encouraged by the hope that is only found in Jesus.)   

God Bless your week!

   ~Pastor Beth