Please take a moment to pray for the families and friends of those that were taken so tragically in the horrific acts of violence in Parkland, FL. We are constantly reminded of the brokenness that exists on this side of heaven and we grieve with those that are suffering.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."             Psalm 34:18

In times like this, once again we are left speechless.... or maybe not.... maybe we're so angry at the injustice that we just want to SCREAM !!   I believe there's a righteous anger that demands action. First and foremost we must pray. We must pray for the families and communities affected by this evil act. Let us pray for the faith community in Parkland to rise up and  be the hands and feet of Christ to those who are grieving and hurting.  And let us understand that when we repeat our Core Values every Sunday, although it may sound simplistic to say that; "EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS", it's true!  Tragic events like this remind us of how true this is and should motivate us to share our faith. It's our responsibility, honor, and privilege to share the hope we have in Christ so that a broken and hurting world can be less so. It's not simplistic; it's vital. Even if it's one person at a time!