I thought it might be a good idea to keep our Easter Out Reach initiatives on everyone's radar in case all this snow is fooling you into thinking that Spring and Easter is far, far away.  Easter is 2 weeks from this Sunday !


First of all, I want to thank everyone who has already offered to help in one way or another with our Easter outreach. We have people already praying for those who will be coming to our services. Post card invitations are being written and sent out. We are making progress with collecting enough candy and eggs for our Egg Hunt on the 24th. (Our goal is 1200 eggs)  Lawn signs are starting to pop up and we have a special Easter Hospitality training session this Sunday in Plaistow at 12:30 for hospitality teams from all campuses.(Lunch will be provided)

We still need a few more volunteers for the Egg hunt on the 24th. Please let me know if you would like to help out with this outreach to the kids in our community.

Originally, I wasn't sure about hosting an egg hunt. I thought that maybe “people” would think that we are trivializing Easter and treating it carelessly. But after some soul searching, I realize that hosting an egg hunt is an opportunity.  It’s a opportunity for kids in our community to see what we’re about, where they might not come otherwise. It's an entry point for families to meet some of our leaders/teachers in a way that is comfortable and inviting in hopes that they will want to come again.

The biggest opportunity though, is being able to share the Easter story in an environment that is kid friendly and in a way that kids can relate to. 

 Everyone needs Jesus! Especially our kids and this could be the beginning of their faith journey. So, I hope you’ll pray for our Egg Hunt. Pray that kids will come; pray that their hearts will be open to the Easter story and pray that we see them and their families in worship.


Train up a child in the way he should go.........

One last Reminder........

I CAN ONLY IMAGINE:  Rock Church will be hosting a private screening of the new movie, I Can Only Imagine at VisionMax Cinema in Salisbury, Ma this Saturday.  If you’d like more information or to reserve tickets click here

Are you thinking about who you can invite to one of our Holy Week or Easter services? How about bringing some of your kid's friends to the Egg Hunt on the 24th? And don't forget the movie this Saturday... another great way to share the gospel. 

I look forward to sharing this week's sermon with you....a little hint of what's to come.... take a look at the book of Nehemiah!               

See you Sunday ~  Pastor Beth