Hello Friends,

What does deeper mean to you?  Have you been hungry to experience more of God, to feel His presence, power, healing, or purpose?  If so, guess what...you’ve had an encounter with the Holy Spirit.  God puts those desires in our hearts like seeds planted into the ground.  He gives us the desire to pursue him just like any relationship we experience.  Do you remember the time when you were smitten by someone or something?  You wanted to just remain in every moment together or quickly return after a brief separation.  We need to pursue those desires for more of God by opening ourselves up to the working of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a gift, a very good gift indeed.  He’s there to help us do the work, be a blessing to those who receive it, and be a witness to God’s power, love, and work in creation.  The Holy Spirit is available to be empowering you the same way we receive Christ, through invitation.  It’s as simple as asking him to direct you, show you God’s will, and empower you to do the work.  Isn’t God awesome!

I hope your week is Spirit-filled,

Pastor James


trunk or treat.png

Trunk or Treat is coming up in Plaistow on Sat, Oct. 28th (4-6 pm) and in Sandown on Tues, Oct. 31st (5-7 pm). We can use volunteer help as well as more Trunks! To sign up your trunk go to trunkortreat.rocks! For more information contact: Cara Fatout in Plaistow at carafa2@gmail.com and Sherri Nourse in Sandown at sherri_nourse@yahoo.com.