What a privilege we have to give of ourselves for the Christ’s work in this world.  When Jesus commissioned the disciples to go into all the world, they were asked to give up everything.  Have you started to pray this week what God has called you to that may remove you from your comfort and plans?  Do you dare?  Are you ready to enlist?

I have seen the generous nature of our congregation as it’s poured out week after week for many of the great works we celebrate each Sunday.  It is important to remember that personal sacrifice is for our betterment as well as God’s glory.  Whether it’s time, comfort, finances, or personal freedoms we stay connected to our community by giving of ourselves.  That’s the realignment that Pastor Steve was talking about.  Discover the joy of sacrifice, trust in God’s provision, and consider others above ourselves all exemplify the privilege of sacrifice.

In Christ,
Pastor James

Here are a few things coming up.

Join us at Rock Church Sandown for a Spaghetti Dinner Mission Fundraiser this Saturday, November 18th from 5 pm -7 pm. The purpose is to raise funds for building materials for our upcoming Texas Mission trip in Feb 2018. For information please contact Sue Reynolds at Suzannereynolds08@comcast.net.

At Rock Church Plaistow we are hosting a Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner on November 23rd at 11:30 am – 1 pm. The dinner is FREE and open to anyone in the greater Plaistow community. We still need lots of volunteers. To sign up to help, please go to signupgenius.com  and search care@stmattumc.org.