Hello Friends,

The season of Advent reminds us of the promise, hope, and love we have in Jesus.  This week we unpacked the love that God showed us by sending His Son.  It is seasons, like Advent when we need to give focus to how we felt when we first understood how much God loves us.  In turn, we are called to love others who don’t yet know the one who sent the redeemer.  God was the initiator of a love relationship with us, how awesome was that!  Our love for others is expressed in words and deeds.  

Pastor Steve gave us homework this week to notice if our words bring life, bring hope, bring love.  Do our deeds as believers show the promise, hope, and love of Christ to a world that is dying without him.  I’ve noticed this week the people who need words of life, need to be shown compassion, and ultimately shown the gift of a savior that wants a living relationship with them.  Let’s be diligent in our homework.

Pastor James

Christmas Eve Services - Sunday, December 24th
Sunday Morning Worship

All Sunday morning worship services will meet at our normal times on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship
Sandown: 4 p.m. 
Plaistow: 4 p.m. & 6 p.m.
Amesbury: 4 p.m.