At work this week I sent dozens of emails out, only to find that our server was being problematic.  Then I’m left with the uncertainty of knowing if or when people received them.  Do you do it all again? Will it confuse them if I resend it?  What do I say the second time?  It occurred to me Sunday that is what it’s like to wait on God’s promises.  When a promise is not fulfilled we think, “Did He hear me?”, “Did I miss something?”, or “Did I ask for the wrong thing?”  Think of how the nation of Israel waited for the promise of a redeemer.  In that time, Babylon came to power, conquered and dispersed them, Alexander the Great conquered them, the second temple was built, and then Rome conquered the region.  THEN God sent His Son.  What a blessing we have to live in the fulfillment of the promise of a redeemer.  

We are each waiting on promises from God, and we all have answered promises too.  It’s important to focus, write down, tell someone of the promises we’ve received to build our hope for the promise yet-to-be-fulfilled.  

I pray for a renewing of your hope this week.
Pastor James

Here are a few things coming up…

Monday, December 11th
6.00 p.m. Fellowship & 6:30 p.m. Dinner

Men join us for a Christmas feast at our campus in Sandown, featuring Bill’s baked ham and all the fixings.  Bring a dish to share and come enjoy the fellowship. If you have any questions contact Bill Stewart at

Christmas Giving Tree - For Our Community
This Sunday will be the last day to choose a tag from the giving tree in Plaistow. Unwrapped gifts with tags attached are due back Sunday (12/17).  Thank you for spreading Christ's love this season!