Hi Friends, 

I hope your week is full of encouragement!  How is your challenge to encourage one another going?  I started texting in my list today, and yesterday I had at least 10 (which was unusual).

I hope you're able to meditate on the messages of "One Another"; Forgive one another because we were forgiven, Love one another because we are loved, serve one another and be served, and encourage one another because God gives us gifts of encouragement.

I love the freedom we have in Christ.  It's amazing to me that our Heavenly Father, the one who's opinion is the only one that matters, allowed his only Son to die on a cross for us because he loved us that much.  Because we matter in the eyes of the almighty God, how much freedom is given to us to forgive, love, serve, and encourage one another?

On September 10 we are planning an awesome full scale all day Sunday event.  Starting in the morning we launch a new worship series, as well as NextGen (our new children's program!), and in the afternoon we’ll enjoy our annual church BBQ and Baptism at Camp Tasker.  To see all of what's coming up, please see our online newsletter.

May your week be truly blessed!
Pastor James