Hello Friends,

Good news is something we need more of.  Does anyone remember Paul Harvey?  His AM radio program was one of the best ways to be uplifted and to hear good news.  I have great memories of listening to that radio program and walking away feeling better about people even when I was younger.  There was a segment of the program called "The rest of the story" where he followed up on the final chapter of a news story or event.  It's how it all ended.  Pastor Steve's message on Good News is that there's even a better place to hear and know good news.  His name is Jesus Christ.  

And now the rest of the story...Jesus came, gave himself to be crucified on our behalf, died and rose again.  He returned to the Father and is coming back for us.  The rest of the story is the story!  I can't begin to describe how blessed my life has been knowing and following Jesus for 41 years.  How I have real hope, real joy, and a faith that carries me through.  I hope your story is the same or you are seriously considering making Him your hope.  Pastor Steve's final point was the good news needs to be shared.  Help make it someone's hope and blessing.

In other good news, we have some opportunities coming up that you won't want to miss!


3rd Annual






For Women

Ladies don’t forget to sign up for the Alive Women’s Retreat coming up September 29 and 30. We’re excited to have Kelley Latta coming to minister to our women.  You can find more information about Kelley’s ministry at her website.   To register online or for more information please click this link.

Another great event fast approaching is the Rock Run Raiser at Rock Plaistow on Oct 21st. We need over 50 volunteers! So for those interested in helping please join us for a meeting at Rock Plaistow coming up on Thursday, September 28th at 7 pm.  Or if you plan to participate in the race you can register at this link.

I hope your week is awesome and full of good news.  

Pastor James