Hi Friends,

How about you?  This was the question Pastor Steve posed about captivity.  Are we being held captive by sin, addiction, debt, religiousness, or fear?  Are you “taken” captive or have you yielded?  The amazing thing is that through Jesus, we don’t have to stay.  He came to proclaim freedom to the captives (Isaiah 61:1)

Not only does God free us from captivity, if we follow him, he doesn’t lead us into captivity.  Have you ever reflected on times of your life when you recognized that following Christ meant you didn’t end up in a terrible place?  I thank God regularly for protecting me and my family from the storms of life because we chose to follow him. 

Isaiah 61.png

I hope you are blessed by this sermon series on Isaiah 61.  What a gift it is for us today as it was when Christ pronounced it’s fulfillment in him.

In Christ,
Pastor James

Here are some upcoming opportunities for invitation and service.

Ladies don’t forget to sign up for the Alive Women’s Retreat coming up September 29 and 30. We’re excited to have Kelley Latta coming to minister to our women.  You can find more information about Kelley’s ministry at her website.   To register online or for more information please click this link.

Another great event fast approaching is the Rock Run Raiser at Rock Plaistow on Oct 21st. We need over 50 volunteers! So for those interested in helping please join us for a meeting at Rock Plaistow coming up on Thursday, September 28th at 7 pm.  Or if you plan to participate in the race you can register at this link.