Greetings Friends,

I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  The final message of the sermon series “One Another” highlighted pray for one another.  Pastor Steve illuminated that prayer is a gift, not an obligation.  Inviting God’s influence into our own circumstance or one another’s should be second nature to us.  As I consider my prayers, sometimes I have to check to see how well I’m listening.  I do the inviting God part well, but can probably improve hearing the response. 

The call to action of all the “one another” messages is planning to execute.  We can hear the message, but unless we implement it into our lives we don’t really benefit from it:  freedom in forgiveness, humility in being served, loving and being loved, actively encouraging each other, and praying to gain perspective and bring encouragement.

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I hope you’ve been as blessed by these messages as I have and experience the gift of prayer. 

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We have an awesome weekend planned! Join us this Sunday, September 10th for our new teaching series Real Hope, the launch of our new NextGen children’s program and the Beach BBQ and Baptism Service at Camp Tasker (36 Country Pond Road, Newton, NH). Email Lynette if you are interested in being baptized. Click the link to each activity above for more information.

Pastor James