Hello Friends,

The daylight hours are getting longer and pretty soon we’ll have as much day as night!  As we heard the story of Joseph (the dreamer) in prison, I can imagine how difficult it would be to steel your mind to focus on the positive.  His life was this series of peaks and valleys, yet through it all he remembered that God was still with him.  Did you notice in the story that Pastor Steve related that Joseph lost his coat each time before he dealt with adversity.  He lost his protective covering and was exposed.

Sometimes I feel like I’m exposed when I face trials in my life, it’s a sense of vulnerability and weakness.  I realize how much I need God’s protection and to know He is still with me.  Maybe you’ve gone through a season like this or maybe you are in one right now.  I encourage you to remember that Jesus told us “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (quoting from the book Isaiah).  Just like he continued to raise up Joseph from despair to blessing, God is with us.

The days are getting longer and the night is going to be shorter.

Have a blessed week!
Pastor James

Below are a few things to note…

GROW Ladies Night is coming up on Monday, January 29 at our Plaistow campus.  Come for a light dinner at 6 pm and 7 pm for the program. Our January Speaker, Emily Brake is sharing the message Carefully Crafted: What Does it Mean to Be God’s Workmanship?

Are you interested in finding an area to serve?  We are currently building up our hospitality teams at all of our campuses.  Please see Vic Meola (v.meola@comcast.net) our Plaistow hospitality coordinator if you are interested and for more information. This is a frontline area of ministry and it takes a large and dedicated team! The time requirement is short but the impact is huge!!

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