I love the transition to the new year.  It always feels like a new beginning, or a time for changes, or high hopes for great new year. Great message Sunday, but here’s the question, which of the life choices Pastor Steve highlighted are going to be your biggest challenge?

1.        Forgive Quickly

2.        Risk Boldly (serving God, being vulnerable and transparent, or opening your heart to people)

3.        Live Generously!

4.        Leaving Margin (rest, opportunity to reflect, accept divine appointments)

5.        Practicing self care

I want to add one item that is the converse of forgive quickly and that is to repent quickly.  I think repenting (either to God or one another) helps us to live vulnerably, forgive quickly, and live generously.  When we remember our role in relationships, both good and bad, it helps us to keep forgiveness close by.

I love New Year’s resolutions, and these are a great start.  I hope you’re able to experience the fullness of Christ by living in freedom from anger, resentment, fear, and self doubt.  God’s given us this life to live, let’s make the most of it.

Pastor James

Men, we are meeting this Friday at Casey’s Diner in Plaistow, NH for breakfast at 6:30 am.  Be early to get a good seat!

Men, we are also having First Monday on Jan 8th at the Rock Plaistow at 6:30 pm for dinner and fellowship, 7:30 pm for worship and a great message.