Hello Friends,

I hope your week is going great!  I also hope you’ve had some time to think about the times when you did exactly the right thing to receive God’s promise.  It will also bring to mind the times when we missed it, but God is still with us.  In the early years of our marriage, Lynette and I moved around quite a bit and each time we were faced with the dilemma of hearing God’s plan for our next move or to stay.  One pastor prayed for us and said God will give us confidence, direction, and satisfaction.  Well, we had to take action without a rolling thunder moment, but God did give us confidence and satisfaction with the direction we took.  

I pray that for your big life choices, you receive the same (or rolling thunder voice-of-God) but that you can rest with satisfaction and confidence.  The important point is that you seek God first.

Have an awesome week

Pastor James