Hello Friends,

I hope you’re having a great week, please stay safe through the storms.  

This week in the sermon series “God’s Great Plan” we looked at the pivotal turning point in the nation of Israel when it split in two.  What a sad development that led to permanent occupation of the country.  The bad governance of Solomon (at the end) to Rehoboam’s oppression and Jeraboam’s betrayal of God’s plan.  Remember in the previous week’s sermon when God warned Israel that a King would be a heavy burden for them and told Samuel it was actually Israel rejecting God?

Big decisions are a part of each of our lives, but rarely do we know we’re making it either.  When Lynette and I decided to move to Massachusetts and leave our families and home, we knew it was a big decision.  In the end, like Pastor Steve’s decision to stay, we know that God led us in the best path for us.  But, unlike Jeraboam, we did seek God’s direction fervently.  I can say that with all our travels, we have found that when we sought Him first, the details fell into place.  Most of the time we had to take a step of faith first, but quickly He confirmed it.  

I hope you have the benefit of Godly counsel, humility, and the satisfaction of knowing you sought him first in your decisions.

Have a blessed week!

Pastor James

Easter is coming and here is how you can be a part!  We are looking for volunteers in the following areas: prayer volunteers for the unchurched, friends and family, personal invitation to Easter services,  put up a lawn sign, Easter help with hospitality, parking, and overflow, donations of candy and plastic eggs, donations of funds for supplies, volunteers for egg hunts in Sandown, Plaistow and Amesbury, writing postcards, sharing and liking events on social media, and follow-up with visitors after Easter. This is a big job and we need a huge team!  If you can help email lynette@rock-church.org to sign up!