Hello Friends,

I hope this beautiful spring day fills you with enjoyment.  This sermon series on Got Joy is special.  This week we looked at ways to preserve our Joy by not being distracted with the circumstances in our life.  We do this by taking a long view and a broad view.  Our enemy desires us to focus on the imminent aspects of our lives and how we feel today rather than to put these in context of what God promises for our future.  

Sunday night I mentioned a little book by CS Lewis (who wrote the Narnia series) and the title is The Screwtape Letters.  This is a great read and it highlights the enemy’s desire to keep us distracted and ineffective for the work God has called us to.  We can be distracted through pain or suffering, but also through positive circumstances.  Have you noticed that when our circumstances are very positive we can be distracted from the work God has for us?  That’s not to say we shouldn’t seek after challenging circumstances, but it does remind us that we need to be diligent to seek God’s plans even in the good times.

I hope your week is filled with joy, which is internal, not merely happiness, which is external.

Have a great week!
Pastor James

Men - Friday is Men’s Breakfast at Casey’s Diner at 6:30 am.  Hope to see you there.