Dear Friends,

On Sunday, were you able to relate to the suffering of Paul mentioned in 2 Corinthians 12?  Does it seem like the trial you’re experiencing is relentless like “a thorn in your flesh”?  In Christ, we have the strength of the Holy Spirit, the power of Christ, and the hope of eternity and through this still have Joy.

This has been a great sermon series that gives us perspective on joy.  I have been witness to people who I know are going through some intolerable hardships and yet haven’t lost their joy.  Like the song writer Horatio Spafford who lost his four daughters at sea and penned the hymn “It is well with my soul”, we can drown in our sorrow and grief, or we can be transformed in our faith and find Joy in Christ even in the midst of suffering.  

I pray this series has challenged your thoughts about joy.  Our world needs the joy found in a relationship with Christ.  They need to see it in us!  We carry it into our homes, work, and communities so it’s important we are attentive to the joy we are experiencing in our lives.  If it’s not your reality today, pray that God would reveal what is keeping you from joy.  Our world cannot see it in us if we don’t have it.  

Let’s be attentive to our joy,
Pastor James

On Sunday, May 20th we are taking in new members at all campuses.  To prepare for membership, Pastor Steve is hosting a Membership Inquiry Class this Saturday, May 12 at 1 pm in Plaistow. If you would like to take membership, please plan to attend this class. Please RSVP to Lynette at

Also, in Plaistow on Sunday, May 20th we are doing Water Baptism. If you are interested in being baptized please contact Lynette at