[ I preface the following with this: I often process in song. Anyone who has had a relaxed conversation with me knows I cannot go long without being reminded of and possibly blurting out a snippet of a song (often at an inappropriate volume for the setting) and perhaps to the embarrassment of my company.]

Life happens. Distractions are ubiquitous. Busyness (one of our culture’s most debilitating dangers) rules the day even over faithfulness or effectiveness and we can find ourselves at a substantial distance into a desert we had not even noticed we entered. God’s love and goodness do not waver, but we can and probably do when we let our guard down.

I am reminded of Revelation 2:2a, 3-4 “I know all the things you do. I have seen your hard work and your patient endurance… You have patiently suffered for me without quitting. But I have this complaint against you. You don’t love me or each other as you did at first! “ Then this song that came to mind. It is a bit cheesy 80s song from Michael W. Smith entitled “I Miss the Way” but it portrays a legitimate and all too common experience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMAr6M54A1s&list=RDoMAr6M54A1s

Take a listen. It is the story of a friend who was once focused intently and growing in her or his relationship with God. But something changed.

There are times I realize that I have drifted. Drifted from that which I know is best and most full, that heals my wounded spirit and makes me whole, yet I still allow myself when not careful to drift away. And that which fills me has never moved an inch away. In fact, often that source of spirit filling follows me so that I can return that much easier. I do not recall a time when I have abandoned or totally turned away from my faith since receiving Christ in my heart, but I have experienced too many seasons of wilderness where I have been non-focused and/or not as intentional on my relationship with Jesus.

I share this hopefully as an encouragement for all of us to examine ourselves now and often. Where are we in our intention and focus on our relationship with God? Are we availing ourselves to the healing, comforting, challenging touch of Jesus as we should, or perhaps once did? Are we investing as much energy and resources as we could or should be in appreciating God’s gift of grace by following hard after Jesus’ example?

Jesus does not drift away. God’s forgiveness, mercy, care for us does not waver. Jesus was willing to go through what He did for you once and for all, and that life-giving promise is ever present. YOU MATTER TO GOD!!! And we are all invited to respond with our joyful service and appreciation by tending to that first love of Christ.


During the weekend services at Rock Church Ministries we will be exploring going deeper. As I saw the topic of our new sermon series, I was moved to reconsider my current state of faith. And I look forward to being renewed, reinvigorated, and refreshed. Guess what? Another song to enjoy and consider if you will. Don Moen’s “Deeper In Love” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwEKRZ0I7Gg

In Christ,

Pastor Paul

“God loves you and there is nothing you can do about that, but because God loves you, there are many things you can to respond to it. May our lives be a response to God’s love.”

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Thursday Evenings: Come check out a safe place and time to explore faith questions and inspiration while sharing a good meal (provided at no charge) with good people in a relaxed atmosphere of sharing and worshiping. Rock Church Newburyport is a different kind of church than many think of. You do not need to feel awkward because you do not know when to sit or stand or what to say. Just come and be yourself and hopefully be encouraged in your relationships with others and God. Hope to see you there. Open to any and all! www.rock-church.org/newburyport

Sunday Morning October 29th 2017: Join us as we go Deeper at Rock Church Amesbury and explore the Power of Prayer and the Holy Spirit.  This week, besides being lead into worship by our Praise Team, we will be blessed by our Rock Church Worship Choir leading a couple of praise songs.  Pray for a Spirit led and full weekend!  www.rock-church.org/amesbury