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There is an old Charles Wesley hymn written in 1739 that begins “O for a thousand tongues to sing, my great Redeemer’s praise, the glories of my God and King, the triumphs of His grace.” Written so long ago and to a different circumstance, and since it is in an old style of writing I sang it for years before ever really digging into its meaning.  But this song’s intention speaks to our present in a powerful way.  Think about it for a minute.  Wesley is dreaming of a day when 1000 voices together would sing about God’s great glory.  He wrote in his journal about that if he had all 1000 tongues himself he would use them all to sing God’s praise.

In our day and age where it seems that the name Jesus is either a curse word blurted out in frustration, or otherwise unknown or irrelevant to many, these words carry as much meaning as ever.  When it feels like so few care about the love and life-giving power these words articulate, consider their sentiment.  What would it be like to have so many singing about Jesus’ greatness and celebrating Jesus over and above all the other hype and empty promises of the world that promise satisfaction but leave us empty in the end.  O to hear one thousand voices all in harmony singing about the glory of God! 

But wait!  This is a reality today in many ways.  A couple weeks ago I was privileged to experience the Hillsong United Concert and worship where the Orpheum Theatre was filled to capacity (around 2500 according to their website) all singing and praising our great Redeemer.  Then for the rest of that week in Atlanta at the Orange Conference I was one of over 8000 believers singing and praising our great Redeemer!  And it moved the spirit to the very core.

For a thousand, or many thousand tongues (or mouths of people)  to sing our great Redeemer’s (the one who paid the price for our sin and freed us to live life brand new) praise (celebrating the worth of God in worship) the glories of my God and King (You have no rival, You have no equal, now and forever God You reign!) the triumphs of His grace (death could not hold You, the veil tore before You,  You silence the boast of sin and grave, the heaven’s are roaring the praise of Your glory, for You are raised to life again)!  What a beautiful, wonderful, powerful name it is! 

Fun fact:  Do you know how many total people worshipped across the Rock Campuses and times this past Easter?  Exactly one thousand!  And we at Rock Church along with our sisters and brothers around the globe can and will continue to sing out God’s glory and goodness until one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!  What a glorious day that will be, but until then we have joyful work to do, so let us keep the joy in the work of the church. 


Pastor Paul

Cinco De Mayo was a huge success in raising funds for the 2018 Honduras Mission Team.  Thank you to everyone who helped with the event, made & donated chili (Diana was crowned Queen of the Chilies), played in the cornhole tourney (P Jon & Gina Rockwell won!), or bought items, engage in penny wars or donated to our cause.   To stay informed in Trust without Borders (Rock INTL Missions) visit our webpage at


Thank you also to the crew that came out to help deforest Jared's new backyard and help Barbara's daughter & family move into their new apartment.  That's being the Hands of Jesus and "For our community"!  Remember we have the amazing For Our Community Day coming up on June 30, 2018.  Please visit of all the info and to sign up.  

Lastly, Rock Church Newburyport is continuing to receive new guests and have amazing and relevant teachings, worship and engagement together.  Please join us any Thursday at 6PM for Dinner, 7PM for Service.  Pastor Paul (or a guest pastor -who could that be?) lead the discussion and evening's enjoyment.  Also, our new sign is up and makes it look like we own the place, wow God is good!