Weekly blogs and updates

The following links allow you to visit the weekly blog and update for Rock Church campuses and overall ministry.  Please take the time to stay informed, share these posts and like and support them so others will be be blessed by finding out how The Rock Church is moving in our communities.

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A Word from Pastor Beth

Pastor Beth is the pastor of St Matthew's UMC Church our Rock Church Sandown NH campus. 

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Love. Grow. Serve. with Pastor Rachel

Pastor Rachel is the pastor of Rock Church Amesbury the newest campus of Rock Church ministry located in Amesbury Massachusetts.


Peace & Joy with Pastor Jon

Pastor Jon (PJ) is a Pastor of Rock Church ministries serving in Plaistow, NH  and Amesbury, MA.  Also PJ is the Director of Family Ministries and a grateful follower of Christ.


On This Rock.

Pastor Steve is the lead Pastor of Rock Church Ministries and has led and served our Church family for over 30 years.  

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A Word from Pastor James

Pastor James is the pastor of Rock Church Plaistow in Plaistow, NH. 



Blessings and lessons from Pastor Paul

Pastor Paul is a pastor serving in Rock Church Amesbury and Rock Church Newburyport.

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A Word from Pastor Lee

Pastor Lee is the pastor of Rock@6 in Plaistow, NH.