We have to be honest, at Rock Church Ministries we try to keep our committee structure as trim as possible.  But there is work that needs to be done behind the scenes in order for keep everything running smoothly.  To facilitate that work, we have some great people who give sacrificially of their time and effort to provide an infrastructure on which the ministry is built.  There are 4 main committees:  Finance, Trustees, Staff Parish Relations and Church Council. 


There is one finance committee that oversees the financial components of the entire ministry.  The committee consists of the following members: Linda Alfonsi, Michele Pastore, Ed Lucia, and James Archibald.


There is a board of Trustees for each of our physical campuses that oversees the care and maintenance of our various facilitie.  The Sandown Trustees are: Leo Reynolds, Frank King Jr., Rick Russell, Trucinda Phillips, Andy Raimondi and Rick McCully (chair).   The Plaistow Trustees are: John Sainsbury, Hardave Dhaliwal, Ed Lucia, Lou DiFiore, Vic Meola, Bert Desmarais and Bob Lang (chair).  The Amesbury Trustees are: Lou Stuart, Jared Levasseur, Tom Hodge, Mike Haggstrom, Alan Boswell and Will Hodge (chair). 

Staff Parish Relations

There is one Staff Parish Relations committee that oversees staff related issue, evaluations and concerns.  This committee also acts an a liason between the congregation and the pastors should a concern arise that needs to be addressed.  The committee consists of the following members:  Tom Hodge, Kathy Jones, Linda Janvrin, Lorrie Miller, Wayne Ackley and James Archibald (chair).

Church Council

There is one Church Council that works in conjunction with the church staff to oversee the total ministry of the church.  The committee is made up of the Pastors, ministry directors and committee chairs from throughout the ministry.  Members include:  Pastor Frank O. King, Pastor Jon Howard, Pastor Rachel Howard, Pastor Lee Elliott, Pastor Steve Murray, Beth Soucise, Laurie Duff, Sherry Lucia, Sheri Williams, Jim Connors, Tracy Meola, Rick McCully, Will Hodge, Bob Lang, Michele Pastore, Linda Alfonsi James Archibald, Lynette Archibald (A.A.) and Ed Lucia (Chair).