LOVE. GROW. SERVE. with Pastor Rachel

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Hello friends! My apologies for the late email this week, but the Honduras Mission Team traveled all day yesterday and didn’t touch down back in Boston until well after midnight last night. It was an incredible

trip for our leadership team and we are home and excited about the connections we made and the work that we have before us!  I’m sure you’ll hear all about it soon enough, but I just want to share a couple of highlights with you.  The kids at Little Lambs are doing great and getting so big! Because there are a handful of kids who are quickly approaching 18, it has become obvious that there is an immediate need to build separate housing for them on the property so that they will start to gain some independence, but still be in close proximity to their Little Lambs family. This will also open up some room to take additional younger children into the Little Lambs family. We hope to assist with this both financially and by providing labor to build the housing over the next few months. As I had mentioned last week, we are targeting another trip around July, but would like to perhaps send some smaller skilled teams over the next few months as well to do some work on this project.  If you are interested in being a part of the July team or a smaller skilled team, drop me an email so we can talk further about timing and what is needed.  More info to come on the next full team trip and we plan to host some information nights over the next couple of months.    

Another incredible experience that our leadership team was able to participate in was to meet with the pastors at a local Compassion International center in San Pedro Sula in an area of the city called Rio Blanco.  This is a very poor slum where the living conditions are unimaginable to most of us here in the States, but where we found the people to be warm and welcoming.  Our ministry was able to provide rice, beans, cooking oil, dental supplies and bibles for 50 families there and our team personally visited and prayed with several families during our short time there.  It was difficult and beautiful and amazing to see God at work, both in these families’ lives and in our team members, even in the midst of the trash heaps. But isn’t that just what our God specializes in? Meeting us where we are, often in the most unlikely of places, and making something beautiful out of that which may initially have seemed dirty, disgusting and hopeless. That perfectly describes what He has done with my life and it is my most sincere prayer that you’ve seen Him work similarly in yours. 

Although my mind and my heart have been turned toward Honduras this week, I am very excited about being back together with you all on Sunday as we start our new sermon series studying the Book of James. This Sunday we are also looking forward to once again hosting our Rock Church Ministries Choir, so please try to use on-street parking on Main Street and Nayson Court and the public parking lot behind the library if you are able to ensure parking is available for our guests.   

I can't wait to share more of the details of our latest visit to the Honduras when we see you and to start our new sermon series this week in worship at 10:10am and wrapping up our discussion of Reboot! at LifeGroup beforehand downstairs at 9am.  

Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday!

P. Rachel