Hi Rock Church family!

Well it certainly seems as though fall is here.  Many of you may know that I’m a summer girl. Although my first inclination is to hold onto those long sunny days and warm firefly filled nights with all my might, I have to admit this fall thing is turning out pretty great. Sometimes life can be like that though, can’t it? We spend a lot of energy holding on to something, without thinking that there just may be something else pretty great that we could be missing by resisting unnecessarily. 

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Just like on Sunday when we talked about the difference between being comfort-able and being comfort-ed.  These are two very different concepts, but oh so closely related. If we remain comfortable, safe in our own little comfort zone, we likely miss something incredible that God wants to do in or through us.  BUT, if we are willing to step out of that comfortable place, God will often use us to do things beyond what we could have ever possibly imagined. And if those things that take us out of our comfort zones are hard (and - here’s a shocker – they will probably at times be VERY hard), God promises to always be there to comfort us. Only in those places, where we allow God to be our comfort and our refuge, can we truly experience that Real Hope that God offers us through His son Jesus. And the greatest part about that?  We then get the opportunity to share that comfort with others. How good is our God to us?!

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Now, although I am never going to stop holding on to summer, I will accept His comfort in this change of seasons as creation paints a canvas and I rejoice in the majesty of what He is doing in, around and through us. Let’s gather together and rejoice in that together on Sunday, okay? Hallelujah!  

One last question - What uncomfortable place is God calling you into today? ;)

P. Rachel

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ROCK RUN RAISER is a little over a week away!  This 2 mile extreme obstacle course race will be at our Plaistow campus on Oct 21st.  We need some Amesbury teams to participate in the race so WHO’S IN? If you’re not up for racing, we also need over 50 volunteers! More information and registration is available at this link.

TRUNK OR TREAT: Planning is underway for this year’s trunk-or-treats! Are you interest in decorating a trunk?? Don’t wait until all of the spots are taken! We also need TONS of candy donations so look for donation bins at each campus. We hope you’ll join the fun and help us to bless our communities!  For more info, please contact:

Amesbury – Tues. Oct. 24th (downtown trick-or-treat)
Contact: Pastor Jon at jon@rock-church.org

Plaistow – Sat. Oct. 28th
Contact: Cara Fatout at carafa2@gmail.com

Sandown – Tues. Oct. 31st
Contact: Sherri Nourse at sherri_nourse@yahoo.com