Hi church family!

Well all that rain is finally paying off.  You can see the fruit all around in the form of green grass, beautiful flowers and budding trees. Can you remember back to last year when rain was scarce and we were in drought conditions?  Brown lawns, dying plants and dry wells were the norm then.  Although I am not a big fan of the rain, we are now able to enjoy the beauty that it is yielding, and it all seems worthwhile.  

I feel like we are in the same season in our church right now.  Although we may have weathered some storms over the past few years, the sun is now on our faces and God’s beauty is being revealed all around us in amazing ways. One clear evidence of this fruit is all of our new family members.  The way God is multiplying is incredible! Beyond simply numbers, the way that the right people have continually come into our fold at the right time leaves me in awe time after time.  And as if that isn’t enough, there is an unmistakable spirit of unity and love that is evident not only to those active and engaged in our ministry, but also to those who have just walked in the door.  Just today I received a lovely email from recent visitors passing through Amesbury thanking us for the service.  They said, “[w]e could see that God is at work through your ministry and outreach…[a]s we worshipped with you we felt a part of the family of God.”  Hallelujah!

As the fruit of the past few years continues to take root, we will be continuing to learn about how to grow deeper in our relationship with God and one another in our 1❤️&Mind sermon series. A couple of upcoming events relative to that to keep in mind. 

MEMBERSHIP:  There will be a gather for those who are interested in learning about what it means to take the step to become a member of our church body on May 21st at our Plaistow campus at 2:00pm.  If you are interested in attending this gathering, please make a note on your connection card or contact Lynette Archibald (lynette@stmattumc.org).  If you are interested, but are unable to attend on May 21st, please contact me (rachel@rock-church.org) or P.Jon (jon@rock-church.org) or make a note on your connection card, and we’ll be happy to talk further about this important step in the life of the church body.  All new members will be welcomed in at Sunday morning service on Pentecost Sunday, June 4th. 

BAPTISM: Speaking about important steps of faith, also on June 4th we will be offering the first “in-church” immersion baptism service for Rock Church Ministries right at our campus in Amesbury during service.  I am super-excited about this (I know I’m always super-excited, but I’m REALLY super-excited) about sharing this opportunity with anyone who is feeling led by the spirit to be baptized.  If you are interested in baptism, please connect with Debra Haggstrom (deb@rock-church.org) or you can always just write “YES, I’m getting washed by the Holy Spirit!” on your connection card on Sunday. We’ll know what you mean.

In this new season, P.Jon and I have had the opportunity to meet, reflect and dream with our Rock Church Amesbury leadership team and it is clear that God has some sensational things on the horizon for us!  We are going to announce the launch of one of those dreams this weekend in worship and so we hope you’ll all be there to join us for this exciting announcement. 

P. Rachel  (m) 603-819-8181  (e) Rachel@rock-church.org 

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