Hola Amigos,

Greetings from Eternal Family in Peña Blanca!  On this second leg of our trip we are building a ramp for Gaby, an amazing young woman who is so positive and an encouragement to us all.  She and Ruby have overcome disabilities to be great examples & influences on the other young girls in their family.  We were also excited to help them reorganize their rooms and storage to gain a couple of classrooms so they can now teach up to eighth grade at their school.  Here at Eternal Family, they are also passionate about extracurricular activities such as music and sports.  We also worked building a balance beam to help the girls practice their gymnastics at their house.  

Right now we are preparing to say goodbye to these precious girls and head back to San Pedro Sula, where we'll spend the 3rd and last leg of our mission. Over the next few days we will be visiting the Compassion Center at the Rio Blanco slums to provide the least in this country with nourishment for their bodies and souls.  We go trusting that God will move and that through our brothers & Sisters in ministry the cycle of poverty can be broken to the point no one has to live in such conditions.  Please continue to pray for health, unity and effectiveness for our team this week.

Dios te bendiga! 

Pastors Jon & Rachel and the Honduras Mission Team