While at the gym the other day I found myself having a really hard run on the treadmill. As I often do during such times, I lifted my head to find a point on the ceiling on which to concentrate so that I could pray. The longer I tried to concentrate on that high point, the worse my run went and I could not focus on prayer. Finally, in defeat, I dropped my head and saw the faint motto on the control panel of that Planet Fitness treadmill that simply says “you belong.” 

god is near.jpg

At that moment, I came to the realization that God was present then and there with me.  Even though intellectually I know that God’s Spirit dwells within me, when I went to prayer my mind automatically pictured God in some far off place “up above.”  Don’t read me wrong here; God certain inhabits heavenly realms.  Nevertheless, in reality, God is beyond our understanding of time and space and he is not only in those heavenly realms, but He is also fully present with us, closer than that “you belong” reminder six inches away from my face.

Any parent will tell you how difficult it is to be far away from their children. At that moment, I had the realization that God’s heart is touched in the same way. We are all sons and daughters of the King. He longs to be near to us, and for us to draw near to Him. If I we want to see God, we certainly can look to the skies as a reminder of His greatness, but He isn’t there. He is right here, with His children.   Through the rest of my run, which did get remarkably better, I put my head down and rested in the knowledge that I belong to a God who is closer than we realize, at all times, in all things.   


next gen.jpg

Speaking of our children, it’s that time of year again! Please keep all of our kids, parents, teachers and all others who work so hard to care for our next generation lifted up in prayer. We also ask for your prayers for the launch of our new kids program NextGen.  We are SO excited for what this year holds, but there is still a lot to do! We are hard at work renovating our space and there will be a NextGen work party this Saturday, August 26th from 8am-1pm.  If you are interested in helping either at the work party on Saturday or in the many other ways you can serve in NextGen (remember, serve one another?), please contact Jessica Pontes or Chrissy Rupp

As we prepare to leave summer behind, here are a couple of other great things going on that I want to share with all of you:

womens bbq.jpg

Women's BBQ: This Saturday August 26th 5-9PM at the Rock Church Plaistow Campus. We will have Food, Fellowship & FUN! There will be Worship, Games, a Bounce House (for the kids) and a DJ & Dancing (including a lesson or two of Line Dancing)!

FUN FRIDAY FAMILY NIGHT:   Rock Church Amesbury Sept. 1 @ 6pm featuring the movie “Trolls”, Rainbow Candy Necklaces, Popcorn, and more... Hope to see you there!!!   Contact Jessica Pontes with any questions

CHURCH PICNIC & BAPTISM: Our annual Rock Church picnic and baptism service will be at Camp Tasker in Newton, NH on September 10th.  As it is every year, it is sure to be an incredible and moving experience!  If you are interested in being baptized in the lake this year, please connect with Debra Haggstrom ( or you can always just let us know on your connection card on Sunday.

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WINDOW RESTORATION PROJECT: The windows in the sanctuary in Amesbury will be replaced the beginning of September! As we go through the summer with all of the activities, it is easy to forget about the project and pledges, since there has been no visible reminder or any sign of work being done. If you made a pledge and have fallen behind, no worries.  There is no better time to get back on track than now!  If you haven’t yet made a pledge, now is the time. So, as God leads, please consider what you may do to help in this project. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have given so far.

In God’s love and blessings,

P. Rachel