Hi friends!

Jon and I missed you all last week, but know that you had a great Sunday encouraging one another.  How has that been going this week? Who have you encouraged and who has encouraged you?

Pumpkin spice.jpg

I’ll be honest (aren’t I always?) - I could use some encouragement. The transition from summer to fall is always hard for me. While many of you are out there giddily rejoicing at the return of cider donuts and pumpkin everything from Dunks, I’m mourning the loss of my peach iced tea at Starbucks. Granted I always have a hard time with the transition from summer to fall, but this time it is a particularly hard for me. Many of you have heard that our oldest daughter, Julia, will be getting married this upcoming weekend.  Even though this is an incredibly joyful time, it is also a time of great transition and change.  She will be moving out of our house, she will take a different last name and she will officially turn her heart over to someone other than her father and I. Just like the transition from summer to fall, this is a beautiful, natural progression of the seasons of our lives, but that does not mean it is easy. Often change, even good change, is hard.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. Ecclestastes 3:1 (NLT)

The beautiful thing about the church is that we are all experiencing different seasons in our lives and at one time or another we all in need of encouragement and can give encouragement.  So, what changes are you facing in your life right now? How can others offer you encouragement? Regardless of whether it may be a change in the seasons of your life, or just the change of seasons period, WE ALL HAVE REASON TO BE ENCOURAGED! Our circumstances may change, but God is a God who does not, and on that we can put our hope.

As we finish out this summer, there are still some great things going on (just don’t expect me to be drinking a pumpkin latte at any of them). 

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SEPTEMBER 10TH:  This is going to be a BIG day for Rock Church!  First, that morning we’ll be launching our new NextGen program for our kids! We’re working hard on renovating our space to be more inviting and fun and we can’t wait get the life into that space that the kids bring.  Registration can be done online at www.cometotheparty.org or onsite on Sunday. 

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Then, later that day we’ll have our annual Rock Church beach baptism and picnic. Baptism can be an incredible step in our faith journey, and it is truly a holy moment.  Whether you intend on being baptized yourself, or just sharing this moment with your fellow brothers and sisters, I hope you’ll join this year at Camp Tasker in Newton, NH on September 10th at 1pm.  If you are interested in being baptized in the lake this year, please connect with Debra Haggstrom (deb@rock-church.org) or you can always just let us know on your connection card on Sunday.


ALIVE! RETREAT FOR WOMEN - Friday, September 29th 6:45-8pm and Saturday, September 30th 9am-3pm speaker Kelly Latta will join us at the Plaistow campus for some time away to refresh and rest for women.  More info and registration is available online at www.rock-church.org/womens-ministry/ or contact Tracy Meola at tmeola@comcast.net.

May the rest of your week be lived out by encouraging and being encouraged! 

P. Rachel