Hello church family!

I've missed you all so much and I can't wait to see you this weekend - and what a weekend we have planned! But before we get to that, I wanted to share something that I was studying my Bible this past week. If you've been around me for any period of time, you may know that I'm a little bit of a language geek. I love to study words and their meanings, particularly as it relates to the Bible. And I think that is important because as we’ve talked about in the past - what we say is impactful - words have power (James 3:1-12).  I was reading about the Hebrew letter Mēm מ, meaning chaos. In fact mem is the root of the Hebrew word mayim (mah'-yim), which means water. Jon and I had the blessing of spending most of the last week around the beach preparing for our daughter’s wedding. There was indeed much chaos, both in the wind and the waves from the storms to our south, as well as preparing for the wedding and settling our emotions of “giving away” our oldest daughter.  With Hurricane Harvey devastating parts of Texas and Louisiana last week and now Hurricane Irma coming through the Caribbean and up to Florida this week, there is certainly no lack of chaos.

Then I was also reminded of another Hebrew word, SHALOM – the peace of God.

shalom in the choas.jpg

The common translation of the Hebrew word SHALOM is peace, but it is in fact more fully translated as something like completeness, wholeness, peace. So even when the chaos seems to surround us, we can still have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  We certainly experienced that peace over the weekend when it down poured on the wedding, but through the entire day, we had shalom. In the midst of Hurricane Irma bearing down to the south of us, let us pray shalom over all those in its path. It is my prayer for each of you throughout your week that you experience shalom, even in the chaos. 

mother and fathers.jpg

Now for this weekend – and what a weekend it will be!

REAL HOPE - At all Rock Church campuses on Sunday, September 10th we will launch our new teaching series Real Hope (spoiler alert - that’s Jesus BTW). 

NEXTGEN & WORK PARTY - We will also launch our new NextGen children’s program!  This is such an exciting time, but there is still some prep needed for our newly renovated kids space in Amesbury so if you can join us on Saturday, September 9th starting at 9AM for a work party to finish that off, we’d really appreciate it!  Coffee and donuts will be provided! Contact P.Jon for more information at jon@rock-church.org.

BAPTISM – Then on Sunday at 1PM after all of our services, we’ll have our annual Beach BBQ and Baptism Service at Camp Tasker (36 Country Pond Road, Newton, NH). Email Lynette if you are interested in baptism. We will also be incorporating a new element that we are all very excited about so don’t miss out on an opportunity to gather together and encourage one another.    

Click the link to each activity above for more information.

Looking forward to seeing how God will move in us and through us on Sunday!  

P. Rachel