Hi Rock Church Amesbury Family, 

I realize it’s been some time since I’ve sent out a blog post. Part of that is because of the busy season we’ve been in over the last few months, both personally and in ministry.   But some of that is also  that I really haven’t felt that I had much of significance to share.  A couple of weeks ago though, as we were preparing to leave for our 6th mission trip to Honduras, I was in a time of prayer and I felt God’s Spirit speak. He said, “you’ve been in a time of being still, now it’s time to move.”  Although I certainly don’t FEEL like I’ve been in a time of being still recently, this seems like great news as I think that means God is preparing to do something awesome!  Then, over the last couple of nights, God’s Spirit has woken me up in the middle of the night. While this continues to wreak havoc on my sleep patterns and daily routine, sharing this quiet time talking, wrestling and discerning God’s will has been remarkable. 


Friends, at Rock Church Amesbury, God is leading us into something new. While I’m not yet certain what that will eventually look like (isn’t that just like our God?!), I do feel that we need to make some times to intentionally gather and seek that out. In order to do this, we need to be in prayer together. While our breakfast LifeGroup allows for some gathering and prayer time, we really can’t give prayer the devotion I feel we need to during that time in the downstairs space.  So at least for the remainder of the summer, while we will continue to have our breakfast and gathering time downstairs, we will not have a formal LifeGroup. Instead, I hope those who feel led we will meet me in the sanctuary from 9:30 - 9:50am before Service for a time of intentional prayer. Some weeks this may be look like walking the sanctuary praying over each seat individually for those who will sit in them during service. Other weeks it may be praying one-by-one over the concerns on our prayer wall. While still others it may just be spending time on our knees at the altar, listening for what God’s Spirit reveals to us.  Whatever form it may take week-to-week, all are welcome to join. The sanctuary doors will close at 9:30 and will remain closed until 9:50 in order to create a sacred space to enter into God’s presence through prayer. 

I’m so looking forward to seeing this new thing God is doing and where He is leading us.  I hope you’ll join me this Sunday morning in the Sanctuary at 9:30am.