Greetings Rock Church Amesbury family! I am writing this in the airport in Orlando as Julia and I prepare to come home from a short, but great time away with Bella and Elijah.  During this time we had the chance to visit and play in 2 Disney parks, see Bella and the rest of her school orchestra perform at Disney Springs, watch Elijah carry the bass drum as his school marching band came right down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom and share countless laughs over big and small things.  Those are the kinds of moments that life is made up of.  BUT as much fun has we had during our time away, I am really excited to get back home and see all of you.  I sure missed being with you on Sunday!  Jon shared with me that you all had a great kick off to our new sermon series, 1❤️&Mind, talking about what it means to live as the family of God.  In fact, we had just about 80 in worship, even though we were missing many of our regular family members, myself included! After service, Jon and Paul met with a great group for Lunch with the Pastors and talked about how God is leading us to move in Newburyport.  The initial concept is that Newburyport will start as a Thursday evening LifeGroup that Paul will lead, with the focus on building relationships, having fun and growing deeper with God.  Sunday (or another day) for large group worship is anticipated to follow once a good core of folks is developed.  I just have to say that I believe that we are really experiencing an incredible time right now.  God’s movement in our church is so evident and I really feel it couldn’t be a better time for us to be starting this new series and planning for how to continue to grow in relationship with Him and with one another!

As I mentioned, Julia and I were away with Bella and Elijah, but I would be remiss if I didn’t give a quick update on our other daughter, Lily.  As many of you know, Lily is currently nearing the end of a 9-month time of missionary service where she has served in 5 different countries in varying living conditions.  This past week on Friday, in fact the day I flew out for Florida) she was hospitalized with a high fever and other unpleasant symptoms in Bacolod City, Philippines.  She is supposed to be released on Wednesday morning, so hopefully by the time you read this she will be out.  She was extremely sick and has been diagnosed with a parasite/amoeba that the doctors suspect has remained in her system since she was in Africa in December.  She is feeling, in her words “a million percent better” now, but we continue to humbly ask that you please keep her lifted up in prayer for this last month of her mission. 

This week, I also want to lift up the upcoming Spring Concerts on May 6th and 7th at our Plaistow campus featuring the Rock Church Ministries’ Worship Leading Choir.  If you haven’t been to one of our choir concerts before, they are always uplifting and powerful events that you don’t want to miss.  These concerts are also great events to invite a friend to, so grab some invitation cards this Sunday and pass them out to friends or leave them in a local coffee shop or eatery. You never know what impact an invitation may have on someone’s life!

I’ve heard we have some warmer weather heading and rain heading our way, so as the mild temperatures and renewing rains of spring cover us, let’s look forward to gathering together on Sunday to continue to be renewed by the God who makes all things new.  I can’t wait to be back together with you all this weekend. Have a miraculous week!


P. Rachel