Pastor Paul and Lisa Nolden

Pastor Paul and Lisa Nolden


The following are answers to what we anticipate would be FAQ’s with the start-up of Rock Church Newburyport

Location: The Fichera's Home 46 Bromfield St, Newburyport, MA

Typical Structure.  We will begin with dinner served at 6:00 until 6:30 on Thursday Evenings (Beginning August 17).  We will keep it warm if you cannot make it right at 6.  Then we will gather in small groups until we reconvene the whole group for worship/teaching/interactive study time until 7:45 when we will invite all who desire to receive and share in Communion before dismissing at 8:00.  Content will vary, but there will be food, time to catch up with sisters and brothers on our mutual spiritual journeys, some Bible study/learning, and Holy Communion.  What exactly it becomes is yet to be known as we follow God’s leading and grow as a faith community.

Children are absolutely welcome, anticipated and even hoped for.  They are welcome to remain with parent’s in the main room during the entire time or there will be a supervised play room just off the main room for them as well.

Attendance – We welcome all, even if they cannot be present each week.  Regular schedule is different for everyone.    Obviously, we would love to see everyone each time we gather, but we want all to know they are welcome on a drop-in basis.  Come when you can.

Flexible arrival and depart times.  If you cannot be present right at the beginning or need to leave early – that is fine.  Come not only on the dates you can, but for the amount of time you can.  We will end promptly at 8:00 however to respect everyone’s time.

Menu.  We will provide a meal each time we gather, but cannot take special orders, so if you are on a restricted diet you are welcome to bring your own along and still supp together. 

Shoes Off Please.  To observe Holy Ground, we ask all to remove their shoes as they enter the home in which we are meeting.  Actually, the Holy Ground thing is real but so are the new softwood floors.  So, bring warm socks if you get cold feet.

Parking.  We are working on some other options but there should be ample on street parking within a block in any direction and our understanding is that parking at the Brown School is open in the evenings and is just half a block away.  Please try to respect neighbors parking needs in the process.

Questions.  Contact Pastor Paul at 815.303.5446 (call or text) or email