Happy Wednesday Rock Church Plaistow,

So I've been thinking of a name for our weekly communication and as I listen to the train in the distance I realize Plaistow is a junction for many families, friends & cultures. It may not always seem that way but all you have to do is go out on a Saturday afternoon on 125 to see the huge diversity of people sitting in traffic and shopping in the stores. The folks who are engaged in our community spans from the inner-city to farm country. Christ always sought to bring unity in diversity. We ought to as well. Jesus reached out to the Samaritans and the Jews, to the Gentiles (us) and to the ends of the Earth. He sought to build a community that was rich in Godliness, ethnicity and purpose. As a border town in New Hampshire on the state-line of Massachusetts we see a divergence of social economic, political and world views. But God transcends all these to bring us together to love God, love others and do good. A group of people from all Rock campuses went out last Saturday and took the amazing gifts our Rock Church family donated this Christmas season to Haverhill, MA and blessed the community on that frigid, snowy day. We made connections, grew together and served an awesome God! If you missed the Facebook post I would invite you to click this link and join our Rock Church family group so you can see how God is moving and shaken around and through us. 

Mission has become the third leg of our core values to serve in our giftedness in our churches, local community, within our nation and internationally. It is a privilege and honor God has given to His Church. We have two mission teams leaving in the next month or so, one to Honduras to go back and serve, assess & satisfy needs of our adopted orphanage My Little Lambs and another team going back to Texas to rebuild buildings at a Christian camp that was ravaged by wildfires. We are thankful for your continued prayer, support and encouragement in the work God does within these teams and outwardly to others in need. Please continue to support us by prayer & petition, words of encouragement and supporting us financially at http://www.rockgiving.org/

Lastly, our trustees and others have been hard at work this week to expand the lobby at Rock Church Plaistow. Our hope is the expanded area into the kitchen will provide more pleasant room & flow for fellowship and connection before and after our Sunday services and Special events. We can't wait to see it and you this Sunday!


Pastor Jon



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