Happy Easter friends! I am still in the Easter mood because it was an AWESOME celebration this Holy Week in so many different ways!  Starting off, on Maundy Thursday we celebrated The Last Supper (Passover feast) and then walked to & through the garden with Jesus in a service at our campus in Sandown.  Then, on Good Friday evening we gathered and made our way to & through the cross in a powerful and moving experience at our campus in Amesbury.   Over Holy Week we shared in 3 amazing connectional Saturday morning events in each of our communities of Sandown, Plaistow and Amesbury with community pancake breakfasts and egg hunts that allowed us to show the love of God to our neighbors and friends.  Although we didn’t host the pancake breakfast at the Plaistow event, we were there on the Town Hall commons to give away numerous bottles of water, tons of coffee, dozens of donuts (all from Heav’nly's - thanks again Elaine!) and a Chunky's dinner & movie 4-pack prize .  We also hosted an Easter story themed coloring station and bracelet craft for the kids to start the spark of faith in them. Between all 3 egg hunt events, we had the opportunity to reach out to 400 families at those events all together!

Then came Resurrection Sunday.  All I can say is wow, just wow.  Through the blessing of our Rock Church family, the power of personal invitation and the leading of Holy Spirit we had record numbers of attendees, visitors and salvations!  

It was so wonderful, I’m finding myself continuing to walk in the glow of Easter even now.  But the great thing is that there is even more to look forward to this week because we have great things a’ coming!  This Saturday is our Empowered Parenting workshop. This is an opportunity for parents, grandparents and anyone who touches the next generation to come and learn about God’s plan for raising up our children. Free registration for this great program can be completed at http://www.rock-church.org/register-1/.  

Then this Sunday we start our new sermon series 1❤️&Mind.  This series is based on verses out of Acts 4 that talk about all of the believers being of one heart and one mind.  What a beautiful picture of Christ’s church! Through this series we’ll learn what it means to truly live as a church family.  We may even have some humorous moments to share as well so grab your bible, a friend and your sense of humor and come join us for this new series starting this Sunday at both our 9:45 and 11:11 services.    

Lastly, I don’t want to forget to share that in just over two weeks we will also have a special spring concert with the Rock Church Ministries Worship Leading Choir on May 6th and 7th at Rock Church Plaistow.  If you have ever been to any of our Choir’s concerts, you know they are not to be missed and I’m certain this one will be no different.  So mark your calendars and invite a friend while you’re at it!

So let's keep the power & hope of Easter going by showing love to one another and all those we come into contact with.  Sometimes it can certainly feel like this world it is sucking the life out of you, but in the light of Christ all things are jump started, resurrected and made alive! Let Jesus work in your life to continue making you into who God created you to be.


Pastor Jon
603 234-4721