Good morning friends,

Today is our National Day of Prayer here in the United States of America and I would encourage each one of us to take time today to pray for our families, church, communities, state and country. Please pray for our leaders, for our children, for our seniors, for our neighbors and for God's love to be welcomed in to all hearts and minds. Talking about hearts and minds I hope you're enjoying, as much as I am, our new series 1❤️&Mind, and how this week we discussed the mission and vision placed upon us by God for Rock Church Ministries.

As Pastor Steve shared on Sunday that our mission is "To reach and disciple people for Christ." That the great commission of evangelism is the most important task Jesus gave us.   A decision for Christ as Lord is the only thing on this earth that has eternal consequences. Discipleship is equally as important as we need to help water the seed so God can grow it into a plant that can bear fruit. I remember last year when the community garden in Plaistow (and much of the rest of the town) ran out of water.  There was a call we put out for people to bring water to our community garden to help our plants continue to grow and they responded and their kindness produced much fruit & vegetables for people that had need. Otherwise the garden would've shriveled and died. Let's also make sure that we are pouring in and  encouraging one another. Life groups is a great place to be able to do this. (Click here for our current lifegroup listing)

This weekend our Pastors shared that our vision is that 1. we need to put priority on the things that are going to take our resources to sow seeds and help people to grow. 2. We need to be Praying that seeds are sown and watered. and 3. we should put our faith into practice by inviting neighbors in person or through social media, by mentoring and being part of a lifegroup, and then serving together through and with our gifts & talents. We are on a spiritual journey together of 1❤️&Mind, and all in to the mission & vision of our Rock Church Family. 

We are asking all our church family to invite others to our Rock Church Spring Concert coming up this weekend through personal invitation & social media and we have events out there to be shared. You can click here to go to our Rock Church Ministries facebook page event and invite friends or share it with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.  I can't wait to celebrate this weekend and sow & water in this great spring season of ministry together!


Pastor Jon (PJ)


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