Hi Rock Church family,

Greetings from Hero Central! I wanted to share some of the highlights from our first three days of our week-long day camp program "Hero Central." This week, over 80 kids and 30 volunteers are coming together to discover our strength in God through recreation, activities, music, science, arts & crafts and stories and teachings. So far, it has been super awesome!

Our volunteers are such an amazing team of leaders who have helped to make this camp so organized, relevant and fun, that parents and their junior heroes go out of their way to tell us how
much they love it! We are seeing our heroes experience amazing growth, bringing the lessons they're learning into action, and going beyond what you'd think kids their age could understand & do! 

Thank you to all who have helped for being 100% "all in" by sacrificing your time, allowing God to use your gifts for his glory and blessing our community while impacting families for eternity. And I do believe the impact will have everlasting results we will may never get to see this side of heaven. So thank you, thank you, thank you for trusting and saying "Yes!" to your calling to demonstrate God's heart, courage, wisdom, hope and power. You are God's heroes! 

I wish everyone could experience the wonder, excitement and joy the kids radiate as as we travel this too short week together. And in way you can! We have a cookout on Friday afternoon beginning at 4 pm that is open to family and friends of the heroes and volunteers. So if you want to catch some of the glow from this week, join us for our closing celebration and cookout. Now go "Do Good, seek Peace and go after it!" Psalm 34:14b
Pastor Jon

603 234-4721 jon@rock-church.org