Dear Friends,

     Greetings from Texas!   Pastor Frank and I are here with a mission team of more than 30 people from our various Rock Church Ministry campuses.  In one week we are building a 60 x 60 facility for a Christian camp that was destroyed by wildfires.  If memory serves me correctly, this is the largest facility we have ever built on a one week mission trip except for the new St. Matthews worship center.  That building, which is 50 x 80, we framed up in one week with volunteers as well.

     We have an incredibly team with wonderfully diverse skills and abilities.  It is an amazing thing to see a team like this come together to accomplish such a project.  When we began the week, there were many on the team who did not know one another, let alone worked together.   But by the middle of the week, the job site was humming like a well-oiled machine.

     Seeing the way this team works together reinforces for me of one of our core convictions as a church.  Everyone is gifted to serve.  On this team we have some people with years of construction experience, and some with none.  We have men and women, people young and old.  But every person has strengths, and everyone is able to contribute to the work of the mission. 

    This team is a macrocosm of how the church is meant to operate.  Every person reading this blog has gifts and abilities. Every person has something to share.  Every person has been designed and gifted by God to have a place to contribute to the overall work of His church.  And to be honest with you, the church will never reach its full kingdom potential until each of us finds the place where we are meant to serve.

     I know that some of you have already found a place where your gifts can be used in the work of Christ. Others of you haven’t yet.  Can I let you in on a little secret?  You haven’t really lived until you have discovered the place of service that God has prepared for you.  This week, being a part of this mission team has been physically and mentally taxing.  We work a very full day.  Honestly, it’s exhausting.  But there is also an indescribable joy that comes from being a part of team that is doing great work for the kingdom of God.  It is a joy nothing in this world can match.

     Many of the people who came on this trip didn’t really know where they would contribute.  But they tried various things and discovered places where they could best contribute.  If you are yet to find a place of ministry and service in the life of the church, I would encourage you to do something similar.  Experiment.  Try some things out.  You may just discover that there are things that you never imagined you would be gifted for. But more than that, you will discover the great joy of being a part of an amazing team of people, doing great work of real significance in this world.  Remember, Everyone is Gifted to Serve!

In Christ’s love,


Pastor Steve