Dear Friends,

     Did you know that the Bible is actually one great continuous story of God’s redemption?   At first glance, the Bible appears to be 66 individual books bound together under one cover.  It is true that it was written by dozens of authors over hundreds of years.  But what is amazing is how cohesive the story is.  In our current teaching series “God’s Great Plan~From Creation to the Cross” we are digging into the stories of the Bible in a way that helps us gain a big picture understanding of how God is working in our world.

     I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure at first how well people would connect to a series like this.  But I have to say, the response has been off the charts.  I think people are loving this series for several reasons:

  • It is helping us understand an overview of the Bible in a way we never have before.  
  • It is making the stories of the Bible both understandable and applicable to our daily lives.
  • It is connecting the Old and New Testament.  Until we really see the Bible revealed as one great story, we don’t realize that the entire Old Testament leads us to the cross and the empty tomb.  Ultimately, it all points to Jesus.

     This series is a little longer than usual.  Between now and Easter we will journey from the Garden of Eden to the cross of Christ.  We are just getting started, but I have already had many people tell me that they intend (snow or no snow) to be in worship every week during this series.  They don’t want to miss a single step in this journey.

     I’ll make you a promise.  If you are with us in worship every week during this series, by the end you will understand your Bible, and God’s plan for our world, better than you ever have.  But more than that, you will be able to apply it to yourself in a way that is life changing!   As an added bonus, we will be sharing some great news this week about our Newburyport campus.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.  

   God Bless,

Pastor Steve