Dear Friends,

            Do you keep a prayer list?   Are there certain people you pray for on a regular basis?  We may or may not write it out on a piece of paper, but many of us have a prayer list.  Who do you pray for?  If you are a parent, I would not be surprised if you pray for your kids (regardless of how old they are.)  If you are a little older, the same may be true for your grandchildren.  There may be people on your list who are in need of healing or provision.  If you are married, I hope you pray for your spouse.

     What about those who are far from God?  Are there people on your prayer list who do not yet know Jesus?  I would encourage every one of us to have 2 or 3 specific people we are praying will come to know the transformational love of Jesus.  If that person is nearby, pray that they might connect to Jesus right here at one of our Rock Church locations.  If they live further away, pray that God would raise up a church near them that would invite, welcome and love them in a way that would lead them to Christ. Sometimes another church will be the answer to our prayer as they lovingly engage our child, our grandchild, our friend.  And sometimes we will be the answer to someone else’s prayer.

     Every time we invite, engage and lovingly welcome someone who is living apart from Christ, it is the answer to someone’s prayer.  That young person is someone’s grandson or granddaughter.  That family we help connect consists of someone’s son, daughter, brother or sister.  That recently divorced individual, that man or woman battling addiction, that successful business person (who suddenly discovered that there is more to life than wealth and possessions) has a best friend who has been praying for their salvation. 

     When we pray for someone who does not yet know Jesus, we become a part of God's plan of salvation.  But I also want to remind us that when we invite, when we welcome, when we embrace someone who has been distant from God, we have the extraordinary privilege of being the answer to someone else’s prayer.  And when that person steps over the line of faith and opens their heart to Jesus, not only do the angels in Heaven rejoice, but somewhere there is a praying parent, grandparent, sibling or friends praising God for you!

   God Bless,

Pastor Steve

An Announcement About our Texas Mission Trip!

Two spots have become available for the TEXAS Mission Trip, Feb 24- Mar 3.  If you would like to go on this mission trip, the deadline is Feb 7th (spots will be given on a first come basis). Please contact Sue Reynolds at