Dear Friends,

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In this blog last week I asked the question:  How do we make a difference when there are so many in need?  The answer, quite simply, is one at a time.  So my question for this week is “Who is our ONE?”   I think this question is particularly important when it comes to how we share our faith with others.  It is wonderful to pray for a city or a nation.  But I want to encourage us to make it more personal.  Who is the one person that you can be praying for right now who does not yet know Jesus? Who is the one person who is hurting or struggling that we may be able to help?  Who is the one person who is lost or lonely that we can reach out to.

Who’s your “one?”  Who is the one person you are praying will come into a life changing relationship with Jesus?   And then, building on that foundation of prayer, who is the one person that you are reaching out to with the good news?  I would like every one of us to choose one person that we will pray for every day. But more than that, I would love it if every one of us had one person that we were witnessing to, loving on and inviting.

Right now we are in the midst of the most effective time of the year for outreach and invitation.  I have seen and read numerous studies that show that unchurched people will often attend worship if they are invited by a friend.  At Christmas time, the rate of receptivity to that invitation is even higher. And . . . Christmas Eve is actually the time that unchurched people are most likely to be open to an invitation.  So there is never a bad time to invite.  But at Christmas time, the positive response rate is at its highest point.

So, who’s your “one?”  Who have you been praying for?  Who have you been trying to witness to?  And who could you be inviting to join with you on Christmas Eve for a beautiful and moving Candlelight service?   

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As a reminder, we will have Rock Church Christmas Eve services at 3 pm, 4 pm, 5 pm, 6 pm and 7:30 pm.  Plaistow services will be at 3 & 5 pm.  Sandown services at 4 & 6 pm, Amesbury service at 5 pm and Newburyport at 7:30 pm.  Also, don’t forget that our Choir Christmas Concert are coming up on Sunday Dec. 16 in Sandown, Saturday Dec. 22 in Plaistow and Sunday Dec. 30 in Amesbury.

God bless,

     Pastor Steve