Dear Friends,

   I hope all of you are safe and warm. Despite what it looks like out my window, Easter is only a few weeks away. As you may have heard, this year we are organizing our biggest Easter Outreach ever. I think we all know that Easter is one of our best opportunities of the year for invitation, so we want to make the most of it.

     For this initiative to be truly effective, we need your help in several areas:

  • Additional Hospitality Team Members.   We want to be sure every guest receives the best possible welcome. To help with this, we would like to add some additional help to our hospitalities teams (ushers, greeters, coffee prep, parking help, lobby hosts, etc.)   There will be a special lunch and training session this Sunday for all campuses at our Plaistow location immediately after the 11:11 service. Even if you would just like to know more about the hospitality ministry, we invite you to attend. Please email Pastor Jon and let him know if you are interested in attending so we can plan for lunch.
  • Social Media Team. Do you have Facebook account? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? You can help us to expand our social media reach by being a part of the social media team. Here is how it will work. When you sign up, every time we post something on the church’s FB page, we will send out a quick email to let you know. We would ask you to go out immediately to like and share the post. You can also copy it to your other social media platforms. That simple act, done by dozens of people, will dramatically increase our social media outreach. To be added to this team, please email Lynette and let her you are willing to serve in this way.
  • Prayer Team. Every couple of days between now and Easter I will be sending out a brief note to all those who have signed up to be on the prayer team. In the notes I will share a prayer focus for the next day or two. If you are willing to be a prayer warrior for our Easter Outreach, please let Lynette know and she will add you to the distribution list and you will start hearing from me every couple of days.
  • Personal Invitation. I hope you will all be on the personal invitation team. Stop and think what an incredible impact it would have if every one of us brought just one unchurched friend or neighbor to one of our Easter Celebrations! I believe God is desiring to see many people come to Christ this Easter through our ministry at Rock Church. Far and away the most effective way to reach people is by personal invitation. I’m praying that every one of us will bring at least one guest.

I believe God is preparing to use the combined gifts that each one of us brings to do something great at Rock Church this Easter!   I can’t wait!

 God bless,

Pastor Steve