This week at Rock Church we began a new series on the Life of Peter.  Peter was the first disciple called by Jesus.  For Peter, everything began with this calling.  As we dig into that story, we see that Peter was called not only to follow Jesus, but to serve him.  In the years that followed, Peter would use his unique gifts, talents and abilities to serve God in ways that would change the world.

Mark Your Calendar.  For Our Community Day will be May 18th!

Mark Your Calendar. For Our Community Day will be May 18th!

     You and I are the ones called by Christ to be world changers in this generation!  God has poured wonderful, unique gifts and talents into each of us that are meant to be used for the work of Christ.  One of our core convictions at Rock Church is that everyone is gifted to serve.  When we serve Christ, we have the opportunity to be a part of something that is not only changing the world here and now, but is shaping people's eternity. 

     My heart's desire is that every one of us would find our special place in the work of Christ and his church.  I believe we all want to know that we have invested our lives in something truly significant.  There is such a sense of joy, satisfaction and purpose that comes from being a part of the work of God's kingdom, that I would want every person to have that experience.

     However, I have discovered that there are certain "myths" that sometimes keep us from having that experience.

Myth #1:  I want to serve, but I don't have time.   I know we are all super busy.  But God gives us enough time to do the things he calls and equips us to do.  In fact, there are many ways to serve that only require an hour or two a month, but are still a very important component of our church's ministry.  If we make the decision to serve, God will help us make the time.

Myth #2:  I have no special skills.  That is a lie from the enemy.  Everyone of us has God given gifts and talents that are needed in his work.  In fact, there are things that you would be good at that you haven't even discovered yet.  But as you respond to God's calling, those gifts will begin to emerge within you.

Myth #3:  I'm not needed.  Sometimes we look at the work of the church and it seems like everything is covered. It is easy to assume from initial appearance that the ministry is fully staff.  This is also not true.  At this very moment we could use additional help in hospitality, coffee prep, children's ministry, youth ministry, administrative work and care ministry. We need people to sing, play instruments, operate the sound board, run the worship computer and assist with livestream.  We need photographers, gardeners, cooks and carpenters.  Can you set up tables, move chairs, make phone calls, send greeting cards, vacuum or clean.  We need you!  There are more ways to serve in the church than you could ever imagine, and there is always room for more on the team. 

      Like Peter, you and I are called.  We are called to follow Jesus and we are called to serve him.  I know that everyone of you has something beautiful and precious to share in the work of Christ.  There is no greater joy or satisfaction than to be a part of the world changing work of God's kingdom.  If you have not found a place to jump in, please talk with your campus pastor or another ministry leader and we can help you get started.

    Have a great week.  I look forward to us all being together this Sunday as we continue our series on the life of Peter "Imperfect."

   God Bless,

Pastor Steve