In my experience, change can be hard and change can be exciting.  Transitions can bring challenges and new opportunities.  If you saw my email from a few days ago, you know that Pastor Jon and Pastor Rachel are in the midst of a transition.  They shared with our North Shore campus that God is calling them to a new expression of ministry. If you know them, you probably know that God has given them a heart for people living on the margins; the hurting, the poor, the addicted. 

      As such, they are stepping out to launch a new ministry, seeking to reach the broken and the struggling.  They will begin in downtown Haverhill and grow from there.  This will not necessarily be a “Rock Church” ministry.  But it is certainly our hope that there will be opportunities to work together with this new ministry.

amesbury easter 2018 baptisms 5.jpg

     On Sunday July 7th at noon we will have an opportunity to celebrate their ministry and express our appreciation for all that they have done as a part of our Rock Church leadership.  We will share a meal together and then have an opportunity for people to share their words of thanksgiving for their ministry.  It will be held at our North Shore campus on Main Street in Amesbury.  But it is open to everyone, from all locations.  We will provide the main course and dessert.  If you would like to bring a side dish or salad, that would be welcomed.

      This Summer will also be a time of transition for the North Shore campus in terms of its physical location.  We are in the process of selling the building in the downtown.  And although we have some details yet to work out, it looks like we will have an amazing opportunity to move into the VisionMax Cinema just over the line into Salisbury.  This facility is only 2.5 miles from our current location.  But it has ample parking, is handicap accessible and is right off both routes 95 and 495.  I couldn’t imagine a better location for a regional campus.

       As God said through the prophet Isaiah “Behold, I am doing a new thing!”  God is doing a new thing in the lives of Pastor Jon and Pastor Rachel.  And God is doing a new thing in the life of Rock Church.  And I am convinced that God will be glorified in all of it.

God bless,    

Pastor Steve