Thank you to everyone who supported the Youth Group car wash for Soulfest!

Thank you to everyone who supported the Youth Group car wash for Soulfest!

“You’ve got a friend in me.”  Does anyone know what movie that is theme song to?  If you guessed Toy Story, you are correct!  (Most of you are singing it to yourselves right now!)  Beginning this Sunday we will launch a new Rock Church series entitled “You’ve Got a Friend in Me~The Gospel in Toy Story.”  I know some of you are going to think I’ve finally lost it, but if you look beneath the surface of what seems to be a series of children’s movies, you will discover some very powerful Biblical themes.  

     So over the next several weeks we will be using clips from Toy Story I, II and III to lead into some important spiritual conversations.  Of course, we could address those topics without the movie clips, but here are 5 reasons why these clips will be great starting points.

  1. Movies are the parables of our day. Just as Jesus told simple stories to provide illustrations that everyone could connect to, movies do that for us today.

  2. Visual illustrations make the message more impactful.

  3. Family friendly movies help connect the message to people of all ages (including bringing spiritual truths to children).

  4. Movie clips remind us of Biblical truths in the future. Once a message has been connected to a movie clip, any time you see that movie in the future, you are reminded of that message.

  5. It helps with invitation. When we use things that have cultural relevance, it helps us connect the message of the Gospel to our unchurched friends and neighbors.

A perfect day for the women BBQ 2019!

A perfect day for the women BBQ 2019!

      This new series is going to allow us to address significant issues that most of us wrestle with in a way that is engaging and memorable.  I hope you will not only be with us for the whole series, but I would encourage you to use it as an opportunity for invitation.  And if you are up for a challenge, I would encourage you to watch the first Toy Story movie this week and see if you can guess which clip we are going to use first.  If you think you know, feel free to comment below!

      Have a blessed week.

Pastor Steve