On Sunday we launched a new series "You've got a Friend in me." Taking clips from the Toy Story movies as modern-day parables, we began with the scene where Andy is celebrating his birthday. A joyful day for him, but a scary day for the toys. What new toys will Andy get? Will he still want us? Are we destined for the yard sale?

We all struggle with fear. There are things in life that are unknown. There are those things that are out of our control. I am what is affectionately referred to as a "Type-A" personality. I am a planner. I like to be prepared. I try to anticipate potential bumps in the road so the journey goes well. And for the most part, that has served me well. But I also know that there can be a fine line between being well prepared and being afraid of risk.

What if we could live without fear. Can you imagine how that could change our lives? What experiences we might have if we were not afraid of the unknown. How much greater our relationships could be if we were not afraid of being vulnerable. How much more we could accomplish if we were not afraid of failure.

Soulfest is next week. If you have not yet registered, we still have a few tickets.

Soulfest is next week. If you have not yet registered, we still have a few tickets.

In the message on Sunday I encouraged us to imagine what it would be like if we could live fearlessly. I'm not sure we even realize how much our fears hold us back. This is often true in our personal lives and in our faith lives. Fear often keeps us from sharing our faith. Fear keeps us from loving unconditionally as Jesus has loved us. Fear keeps us from stepping out in ministry in ways that God has created us for.

So this is my challenge to all of us, including myself. Let's try to live our lives fearlessly. Life is short. Opportunities can be fleeting. Let's make the most of every day God has given us by not allowing fear to keep us hemmed in and held back. Let's share freely. Let's love fully. Let's risk boldly for the sake of Christ and his kingdom.

My hope and desire is that this would not only be true for us as individuals, but also as a church body. God has amazing things in store for Rock Church in the days ahead. As the body of Christ, let us embrace all that God has for us... FEARLESSLY.

Have a blessed week!

Pastor Steve