In just over 2 weeks, Rock Church will be stepping out in one of the greatest and most exciting ventures our church has ever embraced.   As you have probably heard, our North Shore campus is selling its buildings, and on September 8th, will be moving into a new location.  On that Sunday, our North Shore campus will begin worshipping at the Vision Max Cinema in Salisbury MA. 

      I am excited beyond words about this move.  Let me tell you why this new location is going to be awesome!

·         Ample parking!  There are literally hundreds of parking spaces surrounding the theater.  For some time now, we have known that the lack of parking has limited our growth in the downtown Amesbury location.

·         Handicap accessibility.  Our Amesbury building was constructed long before anyone gave a thought to accessibility.  This space is all on one level and fully accessible to all.

The Vision Max has over 250 parking spaces!

The Vision Max has over 250 parking spaces!

·         Amazing location!  Less than a minute off Rt. 95 and Rt 495, this could not be a better location for the truly regional campus as we intend our North Shore campus to be.

·         Climate Controlled. It may seem like a small thing, but having AC in the summer and dependable heat in the winter will be a big step forward.

·         Seeker friendly.  For many people who have never been to church, stepping into a traditional church building can be an intimidating experience.  But most unchurched folks go to the movies from time to time.  Being in a theater makes it a much easier first step to take.

      I do want to let everyone know that even though we are moving into the building on Sept 8th, we are not doing our “Grand Opening” until Sept 29th.  Because this is a brand new, and completely different, location for us, we felt it was important to have a few weeks to work out the details.  Then when we have our grand opening on the 29th, we can provide the best possible hospitality and worship experience to our guests.

     So let the count down begin.  We will have two more weeks in our downtown Amesbury building, and then we are off on this great adventure! Please keep it in your prayers.

God bless,    

Pastor Steve