Pastor Frank working at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin while a senior in high school

                                           Pastor Frank working at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin while a senior in high school

When I was a senior in high school, I felt God’s call to ministry on my life but I never dreamed that one day I would actually have the privilege of serving as a pastor at a church as awesome as St. Matthews. 

After a thirty-three year career in corporate America, God called me out of that position to “do something significant with my life.”  I pray that I have been faithful to that call.  

Sherry and I then moved to Sandown to a house we owned on Phillips Pond and started attending St. Matthews.  These past 20 years have been phenomenal as I’ve been able to share ministry with you, an incredible church family.

I am especially thankful for the opportunity to have served as one of your pastors for the last four years.  To be invited in to your lives during your most personal and difficult times is something that has been very special to me.  Please know that I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

But just as King Solomon said in his famous passage in Ecclesiastes, there is a time and season for everything, that is true in my life as well.  Sunday was my last day as a pastor at St. Matthews and Rock Church Ministries.

Many people have asked me “what’s next?”

I am off this week.  The following week Sherry and I celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary.  (And they said it wouldn't last!)  Following that we are heading for Gilmanton, NH where we have rented a lakefront cottage which will give us an opportunity to rest and reflect on what God has next in our lives.

As I close out my final blog, I want to thank you for always being there for us.  And, please never, ever forget that God loves you and so do Sherry and I.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Frank