Wow, let the good times roll!  We had some awesome events this weekend in Haverhill, Sandown and Plaistow to connect, bless (literally) and have fun among our friends, families & neighbors. First off, on Saturday Morning in Sandown we had our 3rd annual blessing of the bikes.  It was amazing to be able to pray over the motorcycles of the great folks who have a passion to ride and have community on the open road.  Many of the biker groups that came, serve God and the least in ways that others can’t or don’t want to.  Only together the body of Christ is complete and so we bless our Bikers in this next season of riding and ministry of 2017. 

In Haverhill, our Celebrate Recovery folks were walking & talking to fight addiction and the issues & pain it brings.  The Jericho walk was super well attended and our CR leadership & attendees met and invited many to our Tuesday evening program that has already seen many transformations.  Talking about CR, our friend Anthony Greve came last Tuesday evening & shared a great message and many received God’s healing on their lives and bodies through faith in the power of Jesus. 

On Sunday, was Kid’s Day and man did we party!  There was great food, fun and friendships being had by all.  The kids enjoyed an egg hunt, played games, got barrel train rides and bounced around in either the giant soccer ball or the bouncy house.   Thank you to all the volunteers, teachers and families that made this year spectacular.   Some other things on the horizon for Rock Church are:

OUR HOT TUB HAS ARRIVED!  If you haven’t heard, we ordered an inflatable hot tub for our first in-service immersion Rock Church baptism service in Amesbury on Pentecost Sunday on June 4th. We have several people who have already come forward wanting to make this public profession of faith, but I want to make sure to get to word out so that all interested in being a part of this service have the opportunity to do so.  There is something sacred and holy about taking this step in front of your church family and friends, to be immersed below the water and emerge knowing that God has done this work for your good and that your sins are washed away.  Hallelujah!  If you are interested in being baptized and you haven’t yet spoken to us or written it on your connection card, please contact me so we can talk further about this important and powerful step in our journey of faith together. 

PENTECOST SUNDAY June 4th: we will also have the honor of welcoming in new members to our church.  This is also always a moving demonstration of commitment and love within our church family and we are actually going to be talking further about membership as we start to wrap up our 1❤️&Mind series this week. Again, if you are interested in church membership and you haven’t yet spoken to us or written it on your connection card, please contact me.  I always hope to see you all there on Sunday morning, but this week especially I hope to see you so we can explore together what it means to be a member at Rock Church Ministries. 

LILY HOWARD: Our daughter, Lily, is preparing to head home after 9 LONG months in the mission field.  She will be flying back to the States on Friday and then will be in Atlanta until she flies home on Saturday, June 3rd.  We humbly ask for your prayers for safety for her squad during her remaining days in the Philippines and for safe travels as they return stateside. She is scheduled to fly into Boston around 3pm on June 3rd and we will be organizing a welcoming party to meet her at the airport.  If you are interested in joining us, let me know and we’ll save a seat for you in the van! 

Blessings on the rest of your week as we look forward to continuing on this journey together in 1❤️&Mind as the family of God.

Peace & Prosperity,

Pastor Jon (PJ)

(m) 603 234-4721 (e)